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Technology Trust was established to support the needs of development stage life science companies.

Management has extensive experience with the support and creation of these types of companies and understands their unique needs.

Management has written business plans for life science companies and was the leadership that developed: medical devices, pharmaceuticals, healthcare services and bio technology – from conception through numerous rounds of financing – becoming a public company and reaching over one billion dollars in annual revenue.

Large clinical institutions and academic centers have research communities that develop proprietary life science technology. Once these technologies emerge as having viable potential, they are normally surrounded with significant intellectual property and are either sold off for a royalty payment or incubated – wherein they are provided the initial assets of a limited number of people and some financial support. They then work towards the goal of proving that the technology has some viability and is worthy of additional outside funding and the opportunity to advance the technology to commercialization.

Technology Trust supports these life science companies as they emerge in this development stage. Our associate partners utilize their respective expertise and experience to enhance the growth process that development stage companies require.